Fast-Track Triathlete
Fast-Track Triathlete

Fast-Track Triathlete

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The Fast-Track Triathlete offers busy triathletes a plan of attack for high performance in long-distance triathlon without sacrificing work, life, and relationships. While long-distance triathlon races like the Ironman, Ironman 70.3, Rev 3, and Challenge series carry incredible prestige for triathletes, training for these all-day race events can require 15+ hours per week—on top of work, family, travel and other commitments. For many, the Ironman, Ironman 70.3, and long-course triathlon dream have been impossible because of the time commitment.

In Fast-Track Triathlete, elite triathlon coach and workout-life balance expert Matt Dixon unveils a comprehensive 14-week race prep program that is scalable to fit the training needs of any long-distance triathlete. While coaching his many CEO and high-level executive athletes, Dixon has considered the challenge of long-distance triathlon from every angle. The approach and training plans offered in Fast-Track Triathlete mean that busy triathletes can realize their long-distance triathlon dreams without sacrificing so much to achieve them.